18 / 02 / 13

Focusing your website design

Decide What's Important Illustration

The first and most important thing that most people overlook when deciding they want a website is what they actually want on their website. It seems like such a basic idea that, generally, everyone skips right over it and starts working out colours and logo ideas. In their excitement they rarely consider the main objective of their site.

When it comes to building and designing websites we're being forced to consider what the most important content on the site actually is. 

This is not a bad thing. Taking a step back and re-evaluating what you're trying to achieve helps refocus your ideas and energy. 

If you're looking at photography website you aren't immediately interested in who the artist is and where they're from - you want to see their photos. If you're looking for information about when an event is on at a venue you don't need to see their latest tweets: you need a date, a time, a little information and the ability to buy tickets. With this system in place you do still need background information - it's just not as important to the user so we place it accordingly in the layout.

We aim to work out why our clients need a website. Will it be a folio style site with a focus on images? Will it be community based or is it more informational with a priority towards helping people make decisions? Through discussion with our clients we try to make websites that work for them and, more importantly, for their customers.

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