06 / 11 / 13

Can't buy me love graphic

Our business sense tells us that everything has a price and nothing is free but there are some things that money can’t buy...

Our creative talents gives us the skills and opportunities to make a positive difference in the non-profit world. Whether a design student, fledgling freelancer or fully formed agency, our skills are always in demand.

It’s true that we often work for no reward, free pitching being the curse of our industry, additional hours that never get invoiced not to mention the unpaid sleepless nights as we wrestle with design conundrums. However setting out with a philanthropic attitude, actively getting involved and contributing to our community or good cause is a different mind set. This is normally referred to as ‘pro-bono’ work the term being short for the Latin ‘pro bono publico’ which literally means ‘for the public good’ and can yield rewards on many levels.

Good Will Hunting

The positive spin-offs for your business are numerable: Potential networking opportunities. The goodwill that you create resonates through the community. Organisations are generally made up of voluntary board members, many being business owners and therefore potential clients, loyal supporters who may become your unpaid ambassadors and help build your brand. It’s also a great way to build a portfolio with a refreshing creative challenge away from the corporate world.

We’re pragmatic enough to realise that in these financially difficult times we must be careful to devote what time and resources we can afford without harm to the business. Whatever work we do however, must be offered in a genuine way providing a level of service and quality of product that we are proud of and of course would be billable to a different client.

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business

Henry Ford

Over the years Lennon Design have supported many good causes e.g Cancer Research UK, we’ve also been involved with SBC (Scottish Business in the Community) using our expertise to really make a difference at grass roots level. The contribution you make doesn’t necessarily have to involve design, your experience can be invaluable to. I personally offer mentorship to local design students which I find inspiring and richly rewarding.

Done in the right spirit we have the potential to contribute greatly to our community, spreading goodwill as we go. In my opinion it’s a win-win for everyone involved.