02 / 04 / 14

We're looking for someone who codes

At the moment we're in need of a developer who appreciates, and has an eye for, design; don't worry if you're not actually au fait with the pen tool, as long as you can understand why good design is important then you're off to a flying start.

We work with lots of web technologies and we need someone who understands and enjoys using Open Source solutions whilst solving problems creatively and efficiently.

At the moment it's a one-off freelance project opportunity but, with the right candidate, there is potential for the role to become permanent.


  • You must care about the role that design plays in any product
  • You must be able to hit the ground running - we move fast and often
  • High level of proficiency in HTML, PHP and JavaScript
  • Ability to adapt and learn new technologies whilst evaluating their potential for future projects
  • Build and develop range of digital products - comfortable with server technology, database building and scripting, eCommerce and CMS development
  • Understanding of user experience, ease of use and accessibility
  • A good understanding Open Source Technologies - we tend to use Drupal for a lot of larger projects.
  • Be a good team player, drink lots of coffee and impress us with your taste in music

About Lennon Design

We're a compact creative design agency located in "cool" Stockbridge, Edinburgh. We offer a fair, honest and friendly service to the many varied clients that love us.

The Offer

For the right person we offer a competitive and fair day rate. Full details on request.

To Apply

Dead easy - send an email with your CV and a link to your portfolio with a quick explanation of your role within the projects to jobs@lennon.design