11 / 07 / 14

FrinGeo - Helping you navigate the Fringe

We're gearing up for the monster that is the Edinburgh Fringe. The huge arts/comedy/theatre/everything festival has hundreds of shows on per day, all over the city and in all kinds of venues.

In amongst the Fringe exists the Free Fringe, a hodge-podge of venues, a mish-mash of quality performances and a goulash of gigs and shows - all for free.

We enjoy free things as much as anyone so we decided to help people find Free Fringe shows - to help them explore the odder venues, the comedy that may never make it to the mainstream and to see something that they would never even know is happening.

Let's welcome to the stage...

FrinGeo - Fast Free Fringe Near You

FrinGeo gives you a list of the three closest shows to you.

That's it.

We use your location to find shows near you, give you a quick overview of the show and a map to find out where it is. It's a simple idea that will change what you go and see and help you explore the Free Fringe.

FrinGeo helps you focus on what's happening near by soon. We want you to discover the Free Fringe - sure some of it's a little odd, slightly askew and may be downright bad. The jokes may be misjudged, the acting may be wooden, the music may be atrocious and you may witness many comedians dying on stage.

But it might be gloriously, life-changingly provocatively brilliant - and that's what we want you to experience.

So, until the festival starts, come join us on Facebook and @FrinGeo_ on Twitter. We'll be using the hashtag #fringeo (currently dominated by people's haircuts...) to track what's happening and what everyone's going to see.

It's all very exciting. And a little nerve-wracking. Much like the Fringe in general.

Website: http://fringeo.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fringeo_
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fringeo