27 / 11 / 14

Continuing our weekly mini round up of what's been happening behind the doors at the Lennon Design studio.

Deadlines, deadlines...

Heads down this week keeping the balls in the air, plates spinning and other such metaphors to describe advancing our ongoing projects as we head into the festive season. Many of our clients have objectives they wish to achieve before the end of the year and with the holiday season looming these deadlines become all too real. Our job is to make it happen for them and so careful planning and prioritising of work is essential. We always start our week with a team meeting, coffee in hand, to discuss the projects on the go and the week ahead.


Third Sector

We have a portfolio with many clients in the Third Sector and over the years we have developed a strong understanding of their various needs and objectives. This week saw the completion of the MCFB (Multi-Cultural Family Base) Annual report. Clean, fresh and colourful - a lot of good content housed within a budget friendly format. As well as that we started work on The NEECS (North East Edinburgh, Counselling Service) website. The work commenced with a refresh of their current visual identity - always a good opportunity to reinvigorate the organisation and provide them with good tools for the future.

eLearning challenge

The cogs are turning and the back room coding continues for the bespoke eLearning platform we’re building. The guys are relishing the challenge of this pioneering project.