21 / 11 / 14

Our weekly round up of what's been happening in the Lennon Design studio.


We've been speaking with a photographer about some shots for a client's website, we set a pretty broad brief (we need a fair number of photos) and we recieved some excellent shots that we can use. We can't say too much more but we'll be sure to mention it when the site launches.


We've been busy talking with various clients and friends this week - from an eLearning platform to a much needed update for a local counselling service. We don't have much we can share but we're getting ready for some big things on a few fronts.


We've gone basecamp daft this week to organise what we need to do, who we need to do it for and when it needs to be done by. We're sharing calendars with clients, creating to-do's like no-ones business and uploading materials like there's no tomorrow. We find the whole system really useful and mixed with slack we're becoming more and more efficient.