28 / 08 / 14

Edinburgh based charity MCFB (Multi-Cultural Family Base) help families throughout the city by providing resources, activities and support when they need it most.

MCFB approached Lennon Design looking to update their identity and to build a clearer, modern website.

Their previous logo was a little old fashioned, not too friendly and was in need of a spruce up. It didn't convey the help that MCFB provide, the human element within the organisation or the bright warmth that they, upon meeting, so clearly bring to their users.

"From the outset we found Lennon Design to be flexible and attuned to the needs and requirements of the voluntary sector"

Steve Gowenlock, Chief Executive

The new identity is warm, approachable and flexible across mediums. The hand-holding child is an engaging motif that brings a very personal element to the mark. The colours are child friendly without being immature as well as being a visual clue as to the breadth of the work done by MCFB.

"The new logo and web-site generated a real buzz in the agency"

Steve Gowenlock, Chief Executive

The website was built to meet specific criteria - it had to be visually engaging, accessible to non-English readers and be easy to navigate by users with limited computer skills.

Visually we wanted to keep the site clean and structured, we used a very rigid grid pattern and limited colour scheme to allow easy navigation and understanding of the information. Whilst it's not the most exciting or interesting layout, by being simple and standard it makes it much easier to use for people who may have limited computer skills.

From talking with staff at MCFB we discerned that most of their service users didn't own a "computer" but generally used either tablets or smart phones to access the internet. The site is, as is Lennon Design standard, responsive so was built to be quick to load, easy to read and look great on all devices whilst still being easy to navigate and use.

For non-English readers we included a translated overview of MCFB in various languages including mandarin, arabic and polish. The site has been built in such a way that Google Translate will work happily for other language speakers as well as to improve the search rankings for the various sections of the site.

"We had a real sense of working in partnership with Lennon Design as they always listened to and were willing to take on board our ideas. We have had very positive feedback from service users and the wider public about our website."

Steve Gowenlock, Chief Executive

Visit the website at mcfb.org.uk.

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