09 / 01 / 15

I’m probably just echoing your own thoughts but… that was a long week! Coming back to the studio, fully laden with good cheer, cold turkey and trimmings! Quite a culture shock, but 50 Emails in and everything is back to normal. Hello 2015.

The New Year is all about taking stock and addressing issues that we’d allowed to slide in 2014 and resolved to put right. Time to have a hard look at what we’re doing, analyse what worked and areas we need to strengthen. Accepting the status quo is never acceptable, as designers we need to continually strive for better, stretch ourselves and reach new heights. Remember “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there!”

Hope Santa was good to you all, here’s a present that delighted our clients, James Gibb residential factors - lovely new livery design for their car fleet. It’s always a rewarding challenge, designing for something that’s not necessarily folded and saddle stitched.

As 2015 gets underway I’d like to wish you all a successful and rewarding year ahead. Stay creative!