16 / 11 / 15

After the terrible news from our close neighbours and friends across the Channel, I couldn’t not make a comment. I offer my sympathy to all who have suffered and my total respect to those who refuse to give into terrorism and stand tall above those who would choose to use this atrocity as an excuse for more racial hatred. I love the City and have a personal attachment to its people and culture going back a long way.

Images of Defiance

The swift response from the creative community has been particularly heartwarming. Within hours, social media channels were awash with defiant images of public buildings lit up in red, white and blue. Potent and moving.

One of the most shared images was a peace symbol integrated with the Eiffel Tower by a French graphic designer, Jean Jullien (currently living in London). A great example of a powerful graphic simply expressed, which has become an icon of global solidarity.

These are just a few of the artistic responses to the carnage.

"An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind"

Mahatma Gandhi