09 / 01 / 15

Revitalising your Business

New Year, new you?

Welcome to the New Year. January, traditionally a time for us to reflect on our past year’s behaviour and resolve to make positive lifestyle changes to reinvigorate us for the year ahead. The mouldy training shoes get an airing, we make empty promises to read more obscure Classic novels, the cork goes back in the bottle temporarily and we sign up for Weight Watchers. Easy.

What about our business though, are we happy with the bottom line? Has our business moved on but the brand is still stuck in the past? The market may be getting tougher and we need to reach a new audience but is the brand up to it or does it need revitalised? Like people, the company can start to look jaded, worn out and not feeling particularly energised.

Let's get fresh

Completely rebranding is not always a good option, it's expensive, time consuming and risky. Instead we can put a fresh face on the business with a brand refresh strategy. What's this?

23 / 12 / 14

This Year at Lennon Design

Christmas "Jumper"

As we prepare to close the door to the studio for the holidays and look forward to opening the new door of opportunity in 2015 - here’s a look back to some of the highlights this year.

The big story is that we moved to bigger premises. The new studio is bright and spacious with enough room to swing as many cats as we like (metaphorically of course!). We also expanded not only my waistline but a key addition to the team with talented web developer Neil joining our merry band.

27 / 11 / 14

Third sector and the challenges of eLearning

Continuing our weekly mini round up of what's been happening behind the doors at the Lennon Design studio.

Deadlines, deadlines...

Heads down this week keeping the balls in the air, plates spinning and other such metaphors to describe advancing our ongoing projects as we head into the festive season. Many of our clients have objectives they wish to achieve before the end of the year and with the holiday season looming these deadlines become all too real. Our job is to make it happen for them and so careful planning and prioritising of work is essential. We always start our week with a team meeting, coffee in hand, to discuss the projects on the go and the week ahead.


21 / 11 / 14

Photographers, Meetings & Planning

Our weekly round up of what's been happening in the Lennon Design studio.


We've been speaking with a photographer about some shots for a client's website, we set a pretty broad brief (we need a fair number of photos) and we recieved some excellent shots that we can use. We can't say too much more but we'll be sure to mention it when the site launches.


We've been busy talking with various clients and friends this week - from an eLearning platform to a much needed update for a local counselling service. We don't have much we can share but we're getting ready for some big things on a few fronts.

14 / 11 / 14

What Happened This Week at Lennon Design

It's Friday, the week's not quite over but inching closer. We've been working on a few things, here's a selected few for you.


We launched this week, a full, fresh and informative digital hub for one of our favourite clients. It was unveiled on stage at their AGM to what we can only assume was rapturous applause.

The Annual Report is a bright, friendly publication and was launched in time for the AGM - it provides a breakdown of their successes, articulates how PCHP have developed as an organisation and outlines their vision for the future.

28 / 08 / 14

MCFB - A new identity and digital presence

Edinburgh based charity MCFB (Multi-Cultural Family Base) help families throughout the city by providing resources, activities and support when they need it most.

MCFB approached Lennon Design looking to update their identity and to build a clearer, modern website.

Their previous logo was a little old fashioned, not too friendly and was in need of a spruce up. It didn't convey the help that MCFB provide, the human element within the organisation or the bright warmth that they, upon meeting, so clearly bring to their users.

"From the outset we found Lennon Design to be flexible and attuned to the needs and requirements of the voluntary sector"

Steve Gowenlock, Chief Executive