28 / 08 / 14

MCFB - A new identity and digital presence

Edinburgh based charity MCFB (Multi-Cultural Family Base) help families throughout the city by providing resources, activities and support when they need it most.

MCFB approached Lennon Design looking to update their identity and to build a clearer, modern website.

Their previous logo was a little old fashioned, not too friendly and was in need of a spruce up. It didn't convey the help that MCFB provide, the human element within the organisation or the bright warmth that they, upon meeting, so clearly bring to their users.

"From the outset we found Lennon Design to be flexible and attuned to the needs and requirements of the voluntary sector"

Steve Gowenlock, Chief Executive

26 / 08 / 14

FrinGeo - Our Debut, Reviewed

A look back at our first time on stage.

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
"A brave and useful attempt but ultimately flawed beyond their control"

So, the Fringe has left us for another year, Edinburgh residents breathe a sigh of relief as the crowds dissipate back to the corners of the globe, the fire-breathing, unicycling jugglers move on from the cobbles of the Royal Mile and performers of all kinds evaluate their life choices so far.


FrinGeo had a great first year at the Fringe and we learned a lot about launching, running and adjusting a product through it's lifecycle.

11 / 07 / 14

FrinGeo - Helping You Discover Edinburgh's Free Fringe

FrinGeo - Helping you navigate the Fringe

We're gearing up for the monster that is the Edinburgh Fringe. The huge arts/comedy/theatre/everything festival has hundreds of shows on per day, all over the city and in all kinds of venues.

In amongst the Fringe exists the Free Fringe, a hodge-podge of venues, a mish-mash of quality performances and a goulash of gigs and shows - all for free.

We enjoy free things as much as anyone so we decided to help people find Free Fringe shows - to help them explore the odder venues, the comedy that may never make it to the mainstream and to see something that they would never even know is happening.

Let's welcome to the stage...

FrinGeo - Fast Free Fringe Near You

23 / 06 / 14

Orange is the new Black!

Rebranding and the importance of colour

To remain effective and stay relevant with an ever changing world, it’s essential for Brands to be in a constant state of evolution and rejuvenation. Most good companies will at some point recognise the time has come to ‘Rebrand’ and so starts the ball rolling in the challenging and highly important design process.

The Rebranding process can either be 'Evolutionary' or 'Revolutionary'; subtle changes that refreshes and reinvigorates the business or a radical rethink and overhaul that leapfrogs the competitors or targets a different market.

Lennon Design recently reached that Rebrand milestone and started an inward looking process. Market forces did not dictate this move instead it seemed a natural time to look again and refocus, coinciding with a recent move to our new studio. However we still looked at the challenge as if we were working for a client and asked a number of probing questions:

23 / 05 / 14

On The Move

As I write this I must confess I'm not entirely focused. My mind is multitasking; arranging the words in the right order but at the same time mentally packing boxes and creating strategies for working the next few days without reliable broadband!

Yep you guessed it - we're moving studio.

We're leaving our 'boutique' space in Stockbridge and moving on. We always claim to go the extra mile for our clients but this time we're being selfish and moving a mile away to the heart of the City just for us.


Bigger, brighter, great location and most importantly room for more work stations. That's the other story, we're expanding; welcoming the very talented web developer Neil Clarke into our compact creative family.

02 / 04 / 14

Vacancy: Freelance Web Developer

We're looking for someone who codes

At the moment we're in need of a developer who appreciates, and has an eye for, design; don't worry if you're not actually au fait with the pen tool, as long as you can understand why good design is important then you're off to a flying start.

We work with lots of web technologies and we need someone who understands and enjoys using Open Source solutions whilst solving problems creatively and efficiently.

At the moment it's a one-off freelance project opportunity but, with the right candidate, there is potential for the role to become permanent.