26 / 08 / 14

A look back at our first time on stage.

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
"A brave and useful attempt but ultimately flawed beyond their control"

So, the Fringe has left us for another year, Edinburgh residents breathe a sigh of relief as the crowds dissipate back to the corners of the globe, the fire-breathing, unicycling jugglers move on from the cobbles of the Royal Mile and performers of all kinds evaluate their life choices so far.


FrinGeo had a great first year at the Fringe and we learned a lot about launching, running and adjusting a product through it's lifecycle.

We had some very strong press from various outlets and some great feedback from users. We'd like to thank Edinburgh Spotlight and STV for their enthusiasm and help in bringing FrinGeo to a much wider audience than we could hope for.

We had some technical issues that we didn't anticipate - a lot of venues and bars in Edinburgh don't have phone signal.

Bit of an oversight on our part.

We also realised that trying to simplify the Free Fringe down to 3 shows doesn't truly work as people know that there is more on. So they tend to ignore the results and look for more options. We're not sure how we're going to solve these issues for next year but we have 11 months to figure it out.

We had a great time this Fringe, saw lots of amazing acts, drank mediocre beer and loved having you all visit us. We'll be back next year with a new and improved FrinGeo 2.0.

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