23 / 05 / 14

As I write this I must confess I'm not entirely focused. My mind is multitasking; arranging the words in the right order but at the same time mentally packing boxes and creating strategies for working the next few days without reliable broadband!

Yep you guessed it - we're moving studio.

We're leaving our 'boutique' space in Stockbridge and moving on. We always claim to go the extra mile for our clients but this time we're being selfish and moving a mile away to the heart of the City just for us.


Bigger, brighter, great location and most importantly room for more work stations. That's the other story, we're expanding; welcoming the very talented web developer Neil Clarke into our compact creative family.

All this activity indicates a positive vibe in the slowly recovering market that I hope you all are experiencing. There's been tough times for all since 2008. We're not out of the woods yet but agencies are starting to emerge with a reinvigorated optimism. Tempered in fire, we're leaner, more adaptable, more client focused and of course more accountable. Our clients demand creative that deliver results.

Full details are here on our updated contact page. Drop in and say hello, hopefully the Orange paintwork will be dry!