14 / 11 / 14

It's Friday, the week's not quite over but inching closer. We've been working on a few things, here's a selected few for you.


We launched PCHP.org.uk this week, a full, fresh and informative digital hub for one of our favourite clients. It was unveiled on stage at their AGM to what we can only assume was rapturous applause.

The Annual Report is a bright, friendly publication and was launched in time for the AGM - it provides a breakdown of their successes, articulates how PCHP have developed as an organisation and outlines their vision for the future.

We've also launched a micro site designed specially for one of their projects - the PCHP Nutrional Toolkit. The Toolkit allows practioners to download and deliver material written to help service users live healthier, happier lives through their diet.


A new client for us, we're pushing forward the build and content side of things and aiming to provide them with a clean and modern digital presence. We're working with a photographer to get images that capture the spirit and locality of Excellimore.


We've been hard at working improving the application process for volunteers for Sacro this week, as well as working on new site for their Women's Mentoring Service - the intranet we've been building and creating for them is almost ready to launch too.

That time of year

On a lighter more topical note, our clients often come to us to do their most important communication of the year - the corporate Christmas card! It's always a nice creative challenge, there's been a few this week.

On the Art side

Most of you may know, but for those who don't, I'm also an enthusiastic painter and sculptor. This was a big week for me personally as I hung my works at the prestigious Edinburgh Art Fair. Check out Lennon Art. Need a rest now after all this activity!

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