16 / 01 / 15

Well half way through January already. Is time flying past an indication of my advancing maturity or is it the fact that policeman are getter younger? There’s also a belief that time goes by quickly when you're enjoying yourself and passes slowly when you’re bored. We’ve definitely not been bored, it’s been quite a week at Lennon HQ, here’s a quick round up.

Winter finally bit us, just when we thought we’d got away with it.

The implications of the terrorism in Paris and importance of free speech gave us plenty to think about and fuelled some interesting debate.

We continued on our new business drive with a lot of time spent carefully reading through tender documents and preparing written proposals. This is the non-sexy but critical aspect of agency life that they don’t tell you about at college!

We've also started a recruitment process and on the hunt for a graphic/web designer. The news is that web guru, Allan will be moving on to new creative challenges at the end of the month - he'll be missed by all as his work has been brilliant and a real asset to the team. So if you're looking to work with us - get your CVs in guys!

There's also been a lot of interesting website development work going on, Allan and Neil have had their heads down and working hard across a number of projects. Here’s a couple of works in progress to whet your appetite. I also want to blow the trumpet for these two organisations that, despite funding limitations, deliver essential services to our community. Let’s hear it for - NEECS, North East Edinburgh Counselling Service and Home Link Family Support.