27 / 03 / 15

Lennon Design HQ has been buzzing this week. First off we welcomed our new Web Designer, Adam, into our merry band. We've been really busy lately so we're delighted to have him onboard.

Things got really wild with the arrival of a creatively challenging brief from our brilliant clients at the Forestry Commission. They wanted to produce a range of material for a new on-site children's woodland event - 'The Really Wild Festival'. Lovely project but the caveat was that the timeframe was particularly tight. Ouch! The first phase of the work was to create an identity for the festival pack with the sly brief to include a fox. A short period of intense research was swiftly followed by feverish sketching and decision-making before picking up the mouse. Loads to do; the graphic style, colour palette and integration with the Forestry Commission brand all had to be considered. Initial visuals were sent off for approval and were thankfully warmly received.


So far so good but I wasn't 'out of the woods' yet (sorry had to get that in somewhere). The logo was tweaked and polished to finished artwork and then the real work commenced with the design and layout of a Ranger Instruction guidebook, Children's Activity Workbook, Posters, Flyers, large format Banners and the development of friendly fox character to act as the festival mascot. Phew quite a tall order! So at the end of this busy week I'm not exactly bright-eyed and bushy tailed (groan) but I've learned a lot about the fantastic Mr Fox. Since the middle ages the fox has been much-maligned: sly, cunning, thief - but I prefer to think of him as smart; overcoming brute force with intelligence and guile - something we can all learn from.

Necessity changes a lion into a fox

Iranian Proverb