15 / 09 / 15

I don't normally kick off discussing politics but I was particularly inspired by the recent Corbyn leadership win and it's effect on the party membership. 'MORE than 15,000 people have joined Labour in the 24 hours since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader' the party said.

This reaction was not due to the spurious promises of radical new ideas, instead it was an endorsement of someone who outlined his traditional values with a vision and integrity that clearly chimed with the membership. For a party that had lost direction over the years it was a wake up call as the people voted to stand up again for what they believe in and reaffirm why they became party members in the first place.

Mission not Impossible

Politics aside, in business this proclamation is referred to as a Mission Statement. So almost straight from the textbook - the Statement guides the actions of the business or organisation; defining their goals and creating a framework that aids their decision-making process and keeps the business on track.

The mission statement should answer two basic questions and convey why the business exists:

  • Who are you?
      • What do you plan to do?
        • To be effective, this succinct (it's not an essay) inspirational statement should be honest and plausible.

          Let's get Personal

          Let's take the idea further and look at its value to us as individuals. As we all know, in life we start off with good intentions, make compromises as we go along and then gradually get blown off course. Our dreams and ambitions can fade into the distance as we just concentrate on the day-to-day.

          ‘The ghost of a steam train echoes down my track
          It's at the moment bound for nowhere
          Just going 'round and 'round’

          Paul Weller, Town Called Malice

          Thanks Paul, these few potent lines are something most of us can identify with. However, like the reinvigoration of the Labour membership, rediscovering or redefining our values and vision can have a positive effect and help turn things around.

          A Personal Mission Statement can encourage us to reflect on our life, identifying and clarifying what is important to us and setting out our aspirations. Creating this short statement can keep our vision and values at the forefront of our mind rather than something we only think about on that rare occasion as we get melancholic over a glass of wine.

          Okay how do we go about it? As a starter we could try to answer these questions but remember the Business Mission guidelines - be honest and plausible and keep it brief:

          • What do I want from my life? (If it's to be happy and content that's fine).
          • Who am I, what do I value?
          • What can I offer, what are my talents and strengths?
          • What do I want to have accomplished, what will be my Legacy?

          If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover those precious values...

          Martin Luther King, Jr.

          Nothing that we state here is set in stone it's just a starting point, something to build upon and polish. Think of it more as a compass, a pointer to finding your path again. As Corbyn found out, we already had the answers to what we were looking for, it was just that we had to have them clearly articulated - for many it was just getting back on track. Mission not Impossible.

          I'd love to publish a collection of these statements, feel free to send yours to me. Go on get scribbling!