04 / 04 / 16

iTrauma and the Confessions of a Justified Sinner

Spanner and Cog

What you are about to read are the rambling thoughts of someone who has reluctantly accepted that maintaining the status quo is no longer an option in this multi media madness of the modern world. Yes readers I reached for the mirror and found to my horror a 'conservative' staring back. Thankfully it was the type 2, small 'c' reactionary type which responds to treatment.

‘So I turned myself to face me...’

For too long I had clung to my safe but relatively static comfort zone, but as we all know, although the zone can feel a nice place, nothing grows there! What am I rambling about... iTrauma - the painfull but necessary process of digital evolution and keeping up with the times. So how did this start?

The recently recruited member of the Lennon Design team, Leonardo, a highly skilled Digital Designer, was asked to look under the hood of our office systems and was given the mandate to make changes as necessary. I think what he found under the hood did not impress; Operating systems in need of updates, broadband that was too slow for our requirements, clunky internal and external communications, backup systems that were not as robust as they could be... The list goes on.

Just gonna have to be a different man'

As a dyed in the wool, hidebound, reactionary, I surprised myself by being ready to embrace his findings and sanction whatever changes were necessary. However what I wasn't prepared for was the blitzkrieg speed at which he attacked these chinks in the business armour. Leo was now a man on on a mission. He has a vision of being able to securely access information and operate the business efficiently from any mobile platform and anywhere in the globe (although perhaps not North Korea!). It’s a big ask.

'Strange fascination, fascinating me
Changes are taking the pace
I'm going through'

In order to help achieve his mission I have had to change many of our outdated work methods, type in endless secure passwords, download up-to-date operating systems and incredible apps that I never knew existed! In a nervy but action-packed week he shored up our defences, enhanced our security, reconnected our communications in a more reliable and sustainable way and got Lennon HQ fighting fit and better prepared for the future. Phew.

Mission accomplished?

Well as with everything in life nothing is quite plain sailing and of course there were the inevitable hitches and glitches when you start tampering. The words 'if it ain't broke don't...' were ringing in my ears but I knew this was to be short term pain for long term gain. Not exactly an original phrase but it doesn't deny its truth. At the end up, although my nerves were shattered and I drank more wine in the evening than was good for me, things have now thankfully settled back down…… for a short while at least. The parting words on this cautionary tale I leave to my old friend Heraclitus

'There is nothing permanent except change'


Respect to the late great David Bowie.